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Hilong’s Subsidiary Acquires Pipe-Lay Vessel Expands Its Offshore Oil Field Services Business 2013-12-31
Hilong Secures Drill Pipes Contract in Uzbekistan Actively Expanding into New Regional Markets 2013-12-23
Hilong Anti-Corrosion Secures CNOOC Offshore Oil and Gas Field Project - Marks Its Official Entry into Concrete Weighted Coating Anti-Corrosion Services for Offshore Line Pipes Provides a New High-End Service Growth Driver 2013-12-08
Hilong Signs Three-Year Master Supplier Agreement with Smith International, a Schlumberger Company - Gains Recognition from Leading International Customer Again Strongly Demonstrates Its International Market Competitiveness 2013-10-22
Hilong Signs Loan Facility Agreement with Several Financial Institutions - Further Expands Financing Platform to Sustain Healthy Business Growth 2013-09-16
Hilong 2013 Interim Revenue Up 25.3% to RMB1,165 Million, Gross Profit Margin Reached a High Level of 41.3% - Focuses on High-End Oilfield Equipment Products and Services, Successfully Expands Overseas Markets 2013-08-23
Hilong's OCTG Coating Plant in Sichuan Starts Operation - Further Expands Production Capacity of OCTG Coating to Maintain Industry Leadership Advantage 2013-08-11
Hilong Signs Three-Year Oilfield Service Agreement with Ueg - Demonstrates Strong Competitiveness in Global Oilfield Services Market and Enhances Reputation in Regional Market 2013-06-23
Hilong Secures GLNG Project Order in Australia from Fluor 2013-06-14
Hilong Oilfield Services Scores Technological Breakthrough Signs High-End Drilling Service Contract with Shell - Demonstrates Competitiveness of Its Service Business in International Markets Expands into Higher-End Service Areas 2013-05-26
Hilong 2012 Annual Results Up 23.5% to RMB 2,264 Million in Revenue, Profit Attributable to Equity Owners Up 14.2% to RMB 345 Million - Launches a Series of High-End Oilfield Equipment, Promotes Its Global Competitiveness 2013-03-24
Hilong Signs Cooperative Framework Agreement with Yanchang Petroleum To Increase the Annual Production Capacity of Coating for Tubing and Casing by 1,000,000 Metres 2013-03-12
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