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Company Updates
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Hilong Group Successfully Convenes Conference for Oilfield Equipment Technology Advances in 2011 2011-09-21
Hilong’s Drilling Rig Starts Operation at a Shell Project in Nigeria 2011-08-10
Hilong started bulk supplies of drill pipe for shale gas exploitation 2011-07-05
Hilong has secured a series of trading contracts from Ecuador oil companies amounting to over US$13 million 2011-06-28
Commentary abstract – Mr. Patrick Pun 2011-06-23
Commentary abstract – Mr. Kwok Ka Yiu 2011-06-23
Morgan Stanley - Rating: Overweight 2011-06-16
Hilong Holdings Limited won the drilling equipment tender of... 2011-05-18
Hilong Holdings Limited and Sinopec Southwest Company successfully... 2011-05-12
The 50672 drilling team of Chuanqing Drilling... 2011-05
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