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Hilong Newsletter November 2013-12-02
Hilong Newsletter October 2013-11-04
Hilong Newsletter September 2013-09-30
Hilong Newsletter August 2013-09-02
Hilong Newsletter July 2013-07-31
Hilong Newsletter June 2013-07-11
Hilong Newsletter May 2013-06-03
Press Release: Hilong Oilfield Services Scores Technological Breakthrough Signs High-End Drilling Service Contract with Shell - Demonstrates Competitiveness of Its Service Business in International Markets Expands into Higher-End Service Areas 2013-05-26
Hilong Newsletter April 2013-04-30
Hilong Newsletter March 2013-04-08
Press Release: Hilong Signs Cooperative Framework Agreement with Yanchang Petroleum, To Increase the Annual Production Capacity of Coating for Tubing and Casing by 1,000,000 Metres 2013-03-12
Hilong Newsletter February 2013-02-28
Hilong Newsletter January 2013-01-31
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